Strategic Thinking

What are your brand(s)' values and what kind of personality characterizes your brand(s)? How do you position yourself on the competitive landscape? Who are your customers and what is the key proposition to them? These are some of the questions we try to find answers to, together with our clients. We use interviews and group activities to get down to the deep end, and research and analyze your presence in the public discourse with qualitative methods.

Marketing Campaign Planning

Give us the main focus areas and yearly objectives and we tell you how to be efficient and effective with your budget. We plan your channel and media. We look at the hierarchy of messages, your campaign themes and suggest to you creative services that fit you most. Our online marketing experts look at your SEO, advertising and analysis. We develop a content strategy to your social media channels.

Public Relations

Lets find the best story angle to send that message of yours out to the public! We can advise you whether we think that you have a story. Our copywriters and campaign managers will make sure you have the best chances to get into the media. We work together with our International and Hungarian journalist contacts to provide them with stories and information they need for their work.

Direct Marketing

If you are ready to enter into a dialogue with your customers, its time you build a database and start to move them down the friendship-funnel. We can develop a programme for you that can help you in understanding and talking with your customers.


We work with a range of creative teams to meet various needs. We have a process in place for briefing and delivery of creative work from concept to production. Our project managers will help you to pick the right production partners and manage the production process. We have media agency partners to handle your media buying.


We have the philosophy that a sponsor is not a patron. You need a sponsorship approach, plan and find the right partners that really do deliver on your brand objectives. We can make sure you get the right brand associations, content and promises are delivered.


Events in our view is where people meet face-to-face in an environment that gives them special experience. We come up with a concept that fits your brand and messages and adjust all elements of the event to the theme. We make sure events meet budget and time constraints and keep a close eye on the schedule. We are best at small to mid-sized events and have a specialty on protocol.