Hello Wood

Hello Wood is an international architecture programme based in Budapest. Their work integrates various fields of art, design and science. We started to work on the Public Relations and sponsorship management of Hello Wood in 2012 when a large multidisciplinary summer camp took place in a less privileged part of rural Hungary. The teams designed and realized artworks for villages, in order to support everyday life through both the aesthetic and functional value of these objects. We organised a press conference to kick-off the event as well as manage the International and Hungarian press relations for the entire season. We also tied a deal with Spektrum Home TV to show 10 short films produced in the camp. The next year we saw the project enter into the mainstream of Hungarian media and prestigious international architecture and design publications. Every year Hello Wood showcases some of the works along with other installations on Sziget Festival and on Design Week Budapest where we manage their publicity on press events. We also oversee the PR of some of the commercial projects of the architect ensemble.